Monday, October 17, 2005

My Thoughts on Personal Space

I'm usually at work. I don't have too much happening these days outside of work. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending how you look at it) I work in a very public place.

People are always coming up to me and touching me. People I don't know. They stand way too close, touch my arm or my back, and generally make me uncomfortable. I usually let them get away with touching my arm if they are really old. What can I do? I don't want to be a "rude little whipper-snapper" ya know?

One day this older woman, hugged me and put her head to mine. She was probably 70 years old. I just held my breath and plastered on a fake smile. I literaly froze, I couldn't move. I had known her for a total of two minutes. I think if I had known her a few moments longer she may have slipped me the tongue.

Some people are just born without knowing where the physical barriers should be. For others, I think the space shrinks as they get older. Personally, I would prefer to remain at arms length from everyone with the exception of my close friends and family. One day I may relax and get used to people touching me, but until then I'm keeping my mouth tightly closed.


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