Friday, October 28, 2005

Oh The Perils of Being a Celebrity

I am wondering, how do celebrities feel when their ex-husband, wife, or whatever is in a movie?

I'm thinking that Uma Thurman's new movie Prime is looking really good. Does Ethan Hawke go to the theater to see it? Or does he rent it anonymously from Netflix?

Does Jennifer Lopez secretly watch Alias when Marc Anthony is not at home? What goes through her head when she sees Jennifer Garner?

I'm sure Jennifer Anniston did not go see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but Friends is on constantly, does Angelina Jolie make snide comments when Jennifer Anniston happens across the screen?

It must be strange. For us, when a relationship ends, it ends. We never have to see the other person again. Well, unless there are children involved anyway.

For a celebrity, they have to see that other person constantly, paraded in front of their face in all kinds of situations. What a bizarre world they live in, I guess the paycheck makes up for the discomfort.


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