Thursday, October 06, 2005

I can be my best friend, or my worst enemy

Just a few days ago I was thinking, my life is all of a sudden running so smoothly. To me, that should be a red flag that I've become complacent. Whenever I make it through a crisis I come out better than I was before it started. I was thinking "Lord, I am very happy for the peace in my life, but does this mean nothing great is going to happen?" Crisis always occurs at the curve of change.

Becareful for what you wish for. The very next day adversity slapped me in the face. I'm taking it in stride. I am not going to complain and and I am going to pray for those who persecute me. I am maturing. What a surprise! Instead of plotting revenge, I am giving my problems to the Lord and letting him deal with them. It's pretty exciting. Just a few months ago I would rot for at least a day in self pity. I would dwell on things that bothered me. Today I'm not rotting for a minute. What a difference!

Dr. Mike Murdock says "You will not be promoted until you are overqualified for your present assignment." Does this mean I'm getting a promotion? ;)


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