Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Evolution = Racism

I had a friend from Germany. When she found out I didn't believe in evolution, she decided that I was an idiot and an inferior human being. Our friendship deteriorated quickly after that. Even though evolution is only a theory based on no facts what so ever, she hates me because I believe the bible.

If you look at a snowflake, you must realize it wasn't caused by an explosion It was designed. Do you know of any explosion that caused order? I didn't think so.

I am half Polish, and my family had to change their last name in fear of Adolph Hitler. If he knew they were Polish he would have killed them in an oven, made slaves out of them, or used them for scientific experiments. Do you know why? Because in Hitler's opinion, we were more ape like and not as evolved as the pure Aryan race that he was breeding.

You see, Hitler was a believer in Evolution. Because of that theory us Poles and Jews were just animals. That way, he didn't feel guilty about the mass murder. If we are not people, then it is not a crime to kill us. When you believe the lie of evolution, slavery doesn't seem so bad. With that mentality you think you're doing them a favor, they are learning your "civilized" ways. You are actually gracing us less evolved "animals" with your presence. We are not really human after all, but more like apes.

I despise racism, in any way shape or form. God created us all equal. No one is better than the other. But, if you believe in evolution then you too may think some races are more "evolved" than others, and that my friends is simply not true. Lets be frank here, if you are racist, you feel another race is "inferior" to yours. Think about why you feel that way. What you find may surprise you.

For more information on creation as opposed to evolution I suggest you check out Dr. Carl Baugh, the director is a brilliant scientist and creationist. He is truly fascinating in the way he teaches God's creation model. It's wise to get the facts before you make your decision on creation or evolution. Once you know the facts then you can draw your own informed conclusion.


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