Thursday, October 27, 2005

Great business Idea, Free

I've got a great business idea, but quite frankly I don't have the energy to do it. I just have the idea, so if somebody likes it, run with it.

It would be called "Rent a Cube" or any other catchy name you could come up with.

What is the best part about working in an office? Your cube, your computer, your phone, your adjustable chair, ergonomic keyboard, your private space, the fax machine, the printer, the water cooler conversations, the free office supplies, the break room, the IT guy is just down the hall...

What is the worst part about working in an office? Your boss, your job, working for someone else.

So my idea is you own an office, and rent the cubes. Not only do you rent the cubes, but included in the rental is office supplies, water cooler, coffee maker, computer, internet connection, software, printer, phone, fax machine, etc. The works.

Working from home is cool, but it gets lonely. You would be surrounded by self-employed potential inspiration. So you would be able to have the water cooler conversations, you can get your privacy, you can have that corner office (if you want to pay extra for it) or you can have the small cube. Whatever you
want all for the low monthly rate of.... Whatever.

Not only would you get the cube, but you would have resources right there, who should design my logo? Oh, how about the guy at the logo cube. Who is going to do my web hosting? How about the guy at Cube Host? Computer problem? Go to the IT Cube. OK, what about the stuff in my garage? I know, I can take it to that eBay guys Cube. Can somebody please start this so I can reserve my cube?


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